Social Media Mastery

Social Media Mastery Online Training

Reaching people via social media is a skill. This course offers step-by-step tips and tools to increase your engagement, your following and your sales through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Project: Forgive, our exquisite non-profit that promotes leadership skills, and our communication presentations through ShawneTV,  touch a collective reach of more than 6 million in social media.

And it wasn’t that hard.

Through our own trial and error, Six-time EMMY® winner Dr. Shawne Duperon, designed this Social Media Mastery course for entrepreneurs, doctors, non-profits, and their staff, as well as corporate communication professionals. It will help you reach the audiences most important to you – through authentic, compelling strategies that will cause engagement.


In this course, you will master:

Check-Small Step-by-step instructions on how to build relationships within social media that cause an avalanche of engagement

Check-Small #Hashtag techniques most businesses wish they knew

Check-Small How to brand your business, service or non-profit on Facebook

Check-Small How to take authentic risks in social media and forgive yourself if it’s not perfect♥

Check-Small The best strategies for engagement AND you don’t have to be a techie

Check-Small Social media writing tips that directly speak to YOUR audience

Check-Small How to authentically get retweeted on Twitter without begging or being weird

Check-Small The top 3 writing tips (like using contractions) that cause followers to pay attention on Twitter

Check-Small The BEST and easiest tools for creating posters on Facebook that cause others to share like crazy

Check-Small Short-cuts to engagement on LinkedIn that most people have no idea exist

Check-Small Why you must know copyright laws, so Facebook doesn’t shut you down – it’s illegal

Check-Small Step-by-step tips to create an exquisite LinkedIn profile that causes your ideal client to want to connect with you

Check-Small 14 tools and strategies to increase customers, clients and engagement so they “good gossip” about you

Check-Small How often and what times to post on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for the max results

… and much more!


You’ll also learn how to systematize all your social media platforms so you’re never stumped by, overwhelmed by, or too scared to take calculated and authentic risks in social media. By the end of this online course, you’ll have all the skills to powerfully promote your business, service, practice or non-profit and increase your sales, reach and purpose. And, did we mention the course is a ton of fun?♥

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